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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Strict Rules

Recently UPKFE applying the "new" rule. I personally call it UPKFE Strict Rules. Actually it's not new rules, it's just old rules with more rigid implementation. The rules itself pretty simple it says

"Student with Sandals or T-shirt not allowed to enter the lab"

Its such a shame that we need to force student to wear proper clothes, but I hope slowly this habits will nicely implemented here. Some of them ask me "Why we must wear shoes? In class we don’t have to. Well that’s depends on who’s class, not Mr. Jaka Isgiyarta Class I think :-)

All I can say is you don’t have to wear it, no one force you to do that! You only need to do that only if you want to use labs facility, or that’s all. This is the world of freedom, you can do anything as long as you can bare the consequence.