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Friday, July 08, 2005

The list of virus/worm attacking UPKFE

Hi Guys, this is the list of "die hard" virus attacking UPKFE. This list shorted by its occurrence and will be updated as long as we can

  • Worm Korgo =====> take a lot of time to clean this virus out of our LAN, we must update the windows (with XP SP2) and antivirus (we use free antivirus such as antivir personal or AVG free) and yes we know that the antivirus not free for educational or non profit organization.
  • Worm Sasser=====> this worm attack our lab right after we make lab 3 available for public. For temporary solution we unplugged the LAN cable. But the problem solved after we update the windows (with XP SP2 of course)
  • Worm Mytob=====> right now I'm downloading the removal tool from symantec, I don’t know if it is effective or not.
I'll let you know if any progress made

1 comment:

Dwilicious said...

hmm after installing service pack 2 you can reduce the infection. highly recomend it